Amorphous State of Existence

Have you ever been to a pottery class or, have you ever witnessed a potter in action? If you have, you might easily be able to empathize with what I am about to write. If not, I hope my words fill in those details and make the picture vivid enough for you to get the feeling of experiencing it in person.

So, the potter. It is really fascinating to see how he/she works. I think he/she is a magical being, possessing life-giving powers. When I look at the magical lab, I think it is divided into two fractions: chaos and orderly. One half of his room is occupied by clay, this lifeless matter, lying around waiting to be picked up — chaos. Another half of the room is occupied by aesthetically beautiful pots, cups, vases and everything you can imagine — orderly.

When he picked up the lump of clay and threw it on the wheel, I was almost certain that shaping this raw material and morphing into a cup will never turn out to be the same as I saw the other one lying on the orderly side of the world. I always thought he had some hidden machine which would wither into perfection, this epitome of exact measurement. But as soon as he started moving his wheel, his hands dancing around the wheel, joyfully playing with the clay, performing an art, the one that takes you into a trance. He so delicately starts giving it some form, he was very conscious about the pressure he would put on it, the rhythm of the wheel had to be in sync.

It is a very exhilarating experience to see something come to life from nothing. The idea of something or someone being born, something or someone ceasing to exist might seem like very general and obvious ideas. One might mistake them for ordinary. Unless you have seen them in action, you can’t gauge the power of such processes. Babies being born are a miracle, but it is extremely beautiful to see an idea being born as well, turning into something powerful, with deep impact. The idea of death scares us all, but watching your favorite mug turn to pieces or experiencing the pain of departing from your loved one; it changes you, from the core. They are small but powerful changes. You start appreciating the little things that you would have once failed to even notice, you might be more alert about the things you say, the places you go, the decision you make. And I mean it in a good way, you try to be more respectful towards your life.

A lot of this might seem gibberish, here and there, but do not you think that is our state of being. We are crowded with dreams, wishes, ambitions, fear and inhibitions, biases, longing, self-awareness and the list might never end. It is a big set to choose from, differs for everybody, but the list will remain, multiple threads being processed. We are always trying to make sense of this world around us, constantly monitoring ourselves to be the better version then you were a minute ago (might seem exaggerating), but in the hindsight you know that is what you are doing.
We are constantly evolving, changing minute by minute.

Our potter is the life, the experiences, the choices that we are making and I am yet to find out when the potter of my life is gonna stop and I can look at myself and feel the same calmness that I experience when I look at that cup from the other side of the world — orderly side. But I have never seen anyone so refined, so furnished ever — everyone is constantly changing, taking new shapes, coming to life in various forms and that made me question — will I never reach the orderly side of the world? Will I ever be at that stage where my brain would just take a breath and just learn to relax like me with a martini and book on a beach.

And if I do reach that point, will I still be living? I wonder what it would be like on that side of the world. Will things be calmer, quieter and soothing? Sometimes I wonder if the potter shapes the clay as he goes or does he already know what he is going to make?

Do you wonder that as well? Do you ever question: when will you stop being in an Amorphous state of existence?

Will one always be in an amorphous state of existence?


After you left…

After you left,
What remained of me
Was not a corpse,
But might as well have been.


Some words don’t talk, they kill

Some moments don’t leave, they haunt

Some people just disappear, but they never really leave.


Things you want to leave behind

But they just never leave, always haunt

The lovers of our past lives.


How easy we think it is
To wade through life
With a soul that knows yours
Voluntarily blindsiding the truth:
Their power to poison you from the roots

RIP, Dear What could have been

The dreams I saw of us. Oh, the dreams I had of us.

The hours I have spent having a reverie about our beautiful vacations on an Island by the beaches. The house we would own and make it our home. Our most favourite things; the shared meals we would have and the long walks we would take. The dates we would go on and the places we would see. The little ones we would bring in this world and the dog we would name Murphy. The endless passionate love making we would have and the countless nights we would share.

The restless parts of the life would not feel that bad because I would have you. And every trouble that would come our way, we would face them like fighters and become warriors. Of course, we would have fights; the drunken nights and the days we would spend fighting over anything and everything; over something petty or crucial. But all of that would be okay since every night when we would resort to be, we would reconcile with a kiss and a conversation. Or who knows, maybe a morning kiss or a home cooked luncheon.

But, sadly, the world will not witness this. Our relationship did not give my words and dreams to breathe and put them into pictures or reality. The “if’s” and the “I wish’s” will what remain of us, the “would have” will always haunt us.

I have failed you and you have failed me. We have failed each other.

These moments are the end of something beautiful I had in my life, but not anymore.

I hope life gives you good lemons so that you would always enjoy the lemonade. I wish you the best. I hope the time will teach you to be kinder, gentler and more humble.

I hope love does not fail you again.

For the last time,

The Thing with Distance

Things that distance teaches you
Are not how you start to value: a person or a place

It teaches you
The importance of a small conversation

It teaches you
The joy of small things

It teaches you
To value a shared meal

It teaches you
To be kind even when vexed

It teaches you
To smile a little more, to love a lot more

It teaches you
To be human


My weapons are words
Never said
Always written

What do I think?

What do I think, when I think of us
Wrapped in a blanket underneath the stars
I think of a beautiful poetry
Written in love.

What do I think, when I think of us
In the hot summer afternoon under the tree
I think of words being sipped from lips
Reaching the heart

What do I think, when I think of us
On the darkest of nights, with no light and sight.
I think of a symphony
Spreading chills through my spine

What do I think, When I think of us-
You and me.
I think we are the relics
Of a love story left untold.


Mastering the art of not giving a fuck about anything
And there it was running through her mind
That silent moment of acceptance;
All the fuck she gave about everything.


Summer chilly night, the moon half-lit
Witnessing a dilemma that life poses.
Half smoked cigarette at 3 had something to say,
about life, universe and everything.
Sitting there quite by the window
It was everything a respite would consist of
But something went missing
The silent tunes buzzing at the back
Some Bukowski to feed the brain and the heart
A big BUT
Stood there staring in her face
It wasn’t the presence of a shadow or a hint of embrace
It was the subtle absence of peace of mind
That was missing
It was big empty cut, a space
A void
Carved right out in the middle of her chest
The smoke coming out of the empty void
Daunting her of the part that went

Healing is a process

Does love really fade, or hide or die or say bye?
Does it really every leave your system?
How do you stop loving someone?
How do you discard those million memories, scenarios and moments?
Do you just delete the pictures that have dominated your gallery and your mind?
How do you delete their existence from your thinking?
How do you wake up every morning and not think about them?
Or how do you train your heart to not skip a beat when you see them pass by and not take a notice of your presence?
How do you not cry yourself to sleep when the pangs of their memories are torturing you?
How do you stop loving someone who has become your second skin?
How do you?

Gift Wrapped Lie

The idea of love and relationship was wrapped to me in a silver wrapping paper
the instructions read wide and clear, this is going to be your home, your answer to life’s complex questions and of course, something you always lean on.

I accepted this silver wrapped gift from multiple places. Romantic novels, the songs so nicely sung, the lyrics that stuck to my head, the tv shows which I kept binging, even Naruda and Yeats were a participant in this play.

I kept nourishing, building upon the idea over the years. I started looking for traces of this silver wrapped idea in every scenario I would find. My parents, my friends sometimes even myself.

It kept failing again and again, I seemed to not waiver my faith in this because I had seen the end, of how everyone who believed in this idea would find what they had wanted all along. I knew it would be the same for me too. So what if I had not seen what would happen with me, but hope, as you know is a sucker for desperation.

Sometimes when I am at my lowest, no bait for my optimism, I think; I think that maybe this idea is not for me, not for real life people. Maybe Love is not always a giddy feeling, it is not always the answer. Maybe you need saving from relationships, you need to run away from them and not near. Maybe the idea is just too glorified, to be gifted as a show piece you keep in your living room mantle where no one will touch it for a very long time.

Real relationships are nothing like those scenes in the movies or of that of my favourite book. It is difficult to be with someone and make a relationship work.

Weirdly, everyone seems to know about this. Nobody talks about the trouble, no one talks about the hardships. Maybe not everyone has a happy end, maybe not everyone gets the relationship they want. And at the back of your mind, you know, it’s okay to not be in one, maybe living alone isn’t that bad of an idea.

Maybe I am feeling like this because I am in a scenario the love stories don’t talk about, maybe I will not have an ending like Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Maybe I will have something better, like peace of mind and extra space on the bed when I sleep alone. Maybe I will be happy without a relationship.

Maybe I will.


Good Night

Dream sweet, my pretty boy.
Sleep awaits for you to go in a deep slumber
It will show you the world within,
land of love and imaginations,
countless stories waiting to be woven as your dreams.

Muses of a long time lover

How beautiful could you be?
You saw the bent lines and kissed me
With all the love you encompass
Beautiful boy, your eyes talk to me
Like no other poem ever has
Your fingers entwined with mine
I feel your bones, i feel you
I feel your skin
Your touch awakens me
The whiff of your smell; it is a sweet melody of your presence
Your embrace.
I am not afraid of letting my pleasures take over me,
I am terrified by the thought
of losing my soul to you.

Looking for my abode- I

When the words you want to live by,
no longer seem to help
Walk outside,
go under the blue sky
Bask in the vastness
Let it guide you home!

Letter to my old self

Hello dear,

I hope that you find this letter in good health and the merrier of times, because you will not like what is about to follow. I apologize for starting the letter in a rude way. It is not all bad, but it is not what you are hoping either. You might want to make your walk longer today, you are not going to get enough a while later and while we are at it, please read a book or two more because I miss smelling those old pages and taking it all in: the beauty of those long lost words.

You shall wonder what has happened after all and you should, your life depends on it. I had a peaceful day after a very long time. I had the time to sip my coffee alone and in peace, I had the chance to eat my lunch alone and I finally got my hand on The Ulysses. If I had just known how much easier it would be to not think about anyone but myself, I would have done that more If I were you.

Don’t be fooled by Beethoven when we says:

Ever thine. 
Ever mine. 
Ever ours. 

And mind that Voltaire is not going to do any good either when you will be swayed by his words: No, nothing has the power to part me from you; our love is based upon virtue, and will last as long as our lives.

Those great men with love and passion led the bravest of lives and from what I feel, misery never left their side. It is a word of caution my friend, think twice before you close your eyes and lean for a kiss, It will eventually lead you to believe in a happily ever after, but sadly none exists. You will get your heart broken over the pettiest of matters and you will let go of what you know as the love of your life. Love will consume you to the deepest of your soul. It will find you in the wilderness of the night and will sing songs to you. It will whisper in your dreams and make you see things which will forever be your fragment of imagination.

You will, my dear, have moonlit walks and dinner by the lake. You will have your share of warmth in the bed and supper in the coziest arms. But you will not be spared of the long nights spent writhing in pain, agonizing over spilled words. You will have to walk barefeet on the summer afternoon sand to known the pleasure of walking by the beach in the night. You will have to feel the burn to know the tingling feeling of sand sliding your skin.

I think I have given too much away. I do not mean to dishearten you. You will have a good life, but I have warn you of the things that lie ahead. You need to make a choice. Would you do it all over again because I know how much it means to you? Or, would you rather walk away because lonely nights have always scared you.

Be you. I do not know if this is the best of the advice, but this is all I got for you. Come reach me soon, I am waiting with a million other tales.


It was all pretty while the
LA sun was shinning down on us.
You flew back to the Manhattan clouds
And I saw the snow storm
Come down on me while I still
Roamed the Palm beaches.

My Humble Abode

It has four walls but fails for a roof
Some would say that it is a summer night bliss
But I would rather call it a home.
I dwell without belongings.

They encompass my laughter and tears,
Stolen kisses and broken heart conversations
Corners that let me breath in peace.
I dwell without belongings.

Luxuries like scenic sunsets and posh nights
Is not what it provides.
But it gives me a sight,
A sight to see beyond the city
A city of myriad hues and muses.
I dwell without belongings.

It does not have a door
But it opens its arms to everyone
It knows no bound
For the ones who know:
How star studded sky or the bird etched blue pashmina
Can make your day and night!

I dwell without belongings
In my humble abode.

Life & Poetry

Live the poetry,
A drunk writer would want to relish.
Be the words,
That would never leave the lovers lips.