You come, we meet

by Himanjali

You come and we meet, we walk and we talk

You ask and I answer, we spend time together

Neither do you know, nor do I

Not stuck, nor troubled, we just are engrossed

Like lost staring at the endless void of this sky

Clueless yet happy with this uncertainty

We trod along those paths merrily

As a story with no meaning

Those corners, we come across, stare, whisper

Stories about our laughter

The dust we endure, cry over the melancholy of our coyness

The secrecy of our glances, those untold beginnings

And those unanswered endings,

Let us go on this path, aimless, clueless,

We dwell on those memories, we do when we walk,

We cherish those moments, the ones when we talk

This anonymity feels certain,

So do you and I.