The Symphony that played last night.

by Himanjali

Sitting right in front of him

On that pretty chair.

Cuddling a blue, black pillow

Right by the silent chill of the glass window.

Cracking jokes and breathing hard

High on the talks, he left last night.

The melodies I hear are the only ones

Your words make out of your mind.

She read the wolf story with a hot coffee.

She dreamed of the sweater with a pink glaze.

She felt her gaps filling in

With that hysterical behavior

He sat on the couch with a deck

Scribbled a riddle on the king of hearts.

He knew he was distant

With all the inches between, the pixels created.

They sat all night and discussed laughter

Subdued by his charm,

She wore a mysterious smile

From the corner of his eyes,

He saw that.

Both of them knew,

Life was going to be a bit messier now.