Love Letter

Dear Aficionado,

This world is a strange place my friend and to add to it, we are here with strangeness that knows no bounds.

You and I are like those entities that can neither stand nor survive without each other. I need you not because you make me happy or you are the last true cherished person in my life. But, I need you because you make my life miserable and I like the way you do it, unconsciously being responsible for all the sadness that my life faces. Your look doesn’t give me the chills and neither do your likes. You charm with your absurdity, you make me weak in my bones with your abrupt reasons. Your awkwardness seduces me and you continue to make me fall for you in spite of the times I despise you. Your crooked smile is a lethal weapon. It kills me to not know about the mystery that your smile beholds.

Your eyes are like an open book, showcasing every facet of your life, the way you want the people to know and this attracts me to dive into those eyes and find the oyster. You are charmingly unattractive with your rudeness. You are an euphemism in yourself. The way you talk about the things you are well versed with, surprises me- how can anybody be so pretentious.

Sometimes, I wonder the relationship we promise to be in, is all a part of a big game you are playing and it excites me more, to stay with you every moment and decipher every simple thing you do that it might lead me to that mystery, to that secret, to that game you are playing. I like the stage we are in, the grey matter. Nor are we running for the black matter neither the white matter. It feels good to be stranded on this grey island and not worrying about the problems I am going to face because of you.

I want to win over you and make you my own. It is intimidating to see you so vulnerable yet poised. I want to cry, be trashed, and hurt by you and if because that is what makes me happy. I like your uncertainties, they scare me in some weird way nothing and no one else does that.

Loads of Love.