by Himanjali

You create an illusion,  the one that makes me ecstatic

To hide the real you,

One which might just be demonic

You decorate a far fetched dream

And make it feel like it is for real

It is easy to manipulate with feelings and emotions.

So focused on surviving today

You just let all of this drown and make tomorrow a dull place

Your need to wear a mask is a mystery

Love knows no doors and windows

It is all a plain room, white and pristine

We color it with our moments, sketch them

With our experience.

You do not hide, we just share

I feel stranded

And seems like

Love will strangle me in my sleep

Dressed in the form of your illusions

It does not fail to nudge and remind me

“This might be an illusion too, but yours”

It puts me in a dilemma

To trust my love or myself.

You put me where I have to fight with my ownself

Trying to save myself either way.