Week: 2, Location: Office

by Himanjali

Have you ever written and rewritten and then rewritten something because you felt so drained and could not get anything that was satisfactory? Your juices do not flow and then you are so dried up that writing even a single sentence is a task that you would want to procrastinate.

Guess what?

This is one such post.

Productivity killed. Monotonous work life does that to people. đŸ˜›

Disclaimer: This post is only intended for fun and does not mean to harm the sentiments of any individual totally in awe of their work life. The author had a lousy day as her boss was stuck with work and she had nothing to do, because duh! Intern. She is just boggled by the creativity present in her surrounding because she is working at a place which is considered to be as the pool of creative people: Advertisement Company. She just wants to look at the cute little office walls and frames and apparently she is not intrigued by Android Studio today. Good day, folks!