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After you left…

After you left,
What remained of me
Was not a corpse,
But might as well have been.



Some words don’t talk, they kill

Some moments don’t leave, they haunt

Some people just disappear, but they never really leave.


Things you want to leave behind

But they just never leave, always haunt

The lovers of our past lives.


How easy we think it is
To wade through life
With a soul that knows yours
Voluntarily blindsiding the truth:
Their power to poison you from the roots


My weapons are words
Never said
Always written


Mastering the art of not giving a fuck about anything
And there it was running through her mind
That silent moment of acceptance;
All the fuck she gave about everything.

Good Night

Dream sweet, my pretty boy.
Sleep awaits for you to go in a deep slumber
It will show you the world within,
land of love and imaginations,
countless stories waiting to be woven as your dreams.


It was all pretty while the
LA sun was shinning down on us.
You flew back to the Manhattan clouds
And I saw the snow storm
Come down on me while I still
Roamed the Palm beaches.

Life & Poetry

Live the poetry,
A drunk writer would want to relish.
Be the words,
That would never leave the lovers lips.


Only if you knew,
The depth of my soul

Then you would know,

The world does not scare me

Words do.


I am made of Madness,

Chaos flows through me

Broken and Stitched

Nothing is more beautiful

than a scarred soul

with a bandaged hope!

I am broken and you are stitched.


The reason I keep meddling,

Is not because, I don’t trust you!

It is all me; Do I trust myself?


“I want to pull the trigger,

Lit a fire,

Turn this world to ashes”, said the guy bloodied in ink.

The mistress in pink wondered,

Has he ever read his own poetry?

Those words are weapons.

They ignite a fire, only to burn everything down to ash


Of Untold Questions and Answers

I wanted to write about us,

What we really are!

For, what was your favorite song?

Or, did you prefer coffee over tea?

But, I could never manage to write about

Were you my favorite or, otherwise?

Did you fall in love with me first or, otherwise?

Never scribbled,

The things that mattered.

Something she gave away

This world is your oyster, everybody exclaimed

No matter what the chances, always give way

In this tiff, of solving an algorithm or reading a poem

She forgot to enjoy the little dew drops on her windowpane


Let us fly away, she said

With a peck of hope.

Only if we could just survive on love!

He dwindled; alone.


He was like a river; silent river

Building storms beneath